Clubhouse Of Chicago Cubs Gets New Chairs From Indiana Company

This month is a good one for the Chicago Cubs after winning the World Series championship. The team has been receiving nothing but respect even before the win and they are garnering more after. In a more literal sense, the cubs are sitting on too much respect. The team has been a part of an initiative to create mega million worth of renovations to the subterranean clubhouse, office spaces as well as the park. The home of the Cubs has their trademark included in the new chairs that were made for the new clubhouse. These chairs came from a supplier called National Office Furniture and they have a manufacturing facility located in the 11 Street in Jasper.

The specific model of the new plush rolling chair that the team has selected is called Respect. You might not be aware but furniture has a name including chairs. There are other options such as Result, Eloquence and Triumph which are all sounding very regal. Despite the fact that the chair was only used before and after each of their game for a few minutes when held at the Wrigley Field, it does not diminish the fact that the Respect seat coincides with the image that the franchise has been overhauling for several years. They have upgraded many things including the on-field talent and the accents of the clubhouse to make it emit a championship vibe.

According to the district manager of National Office Furniture in Chicago, Mike Cerby, fans will know that the Cubs have a promotional T-shirt with Respect stamped on it. He is planning to get his hands on the merchandise as well. He recounted that when the series started, no one thought that they will be the champion for the World Series.

There are other vendors that were chosen, aside from National Office Furniture, to be suppliers of the new accessories that will be installed in the new clubhouse. The officials from Cubs took a tour at the National’s showroom located in the Chicago while they are still deciding on the bidding.

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