Cleaning Hacks To Never Attempt At Home

According to the Domain Australia, there are several cleaning hacks which are great, allowing people to save money, time and effort, as well as the environment. However, there are some that are going to hinder than help, or ruin than remedy.

Here is a list of some cleaning hacks it suggested to NOT attempt at home.

Cleaning hacks to never attempt

Using toothpaste on silverware

Even though toothpaste removes tarnish, this is only great for occasional and quick fixes. It is abrasive, so be careful by using it in limited quantities or never at all. Never use whitening or tartar control toothpastes, too.

Using raw potato for removing a light globe

Removing a light globe that is stuck is a delicate business. It is not recommended to use a raw potato, since the moisture and the electricity are not a great combination.

Storing cleaning liquids in glass jars

The ugly containers used in storing cleaning products is due to practicality, aside from safety. For example, bleach is going to break down the glass jars in time, with light exposure speeding the bleach decay.

Cleaning timber using tea bags

Using hot tea bags in order to clean furniture especially wood is not the best idea. Furniture can also be stained with the wet teabags. Do not use lemon juice and olive oil, too.

Using mouthwash for cleaning a washing machine

A great product for disinfecting the mouth does not have the ability to eliminate germs especially with a dishwasher or washing machine, which are too large.

Using car wax for the stove top

Car wax runs the risk of getting combustible. This was never made having food safety standards to start with.

Using vinegar in cleaning marble

Even though vinegar is an alternative to the cleaning chemicals, it should not be used for everything. It is very acidic like lemon, and it is going to eat into surfaces like marble. This is also applicable to other stone surfaces. So, do not use any acidic cleaners, which also includes tub, tile and grout cleaners. Instead, seek professional help from a tile and grout cleaning in Perth or from other local cleaners.