Benefits And Disadvantages Of Outpatient Rehab Programs

Drug addiction can be overcome by undergoing proper treatment at rehabilitation centers. Most of the reputed rehabilitation centers offer outpatient and inpatient programs for patients suffering from addiction. While both the programs aim to treat the patients of addictions and reduce their dependence on substance abuse, the treatment plan and procedure is different in both the programs.

Outpatient rehab is the most preferred treatment for many patients. Opting for California Outpatient Rehab helps these patients to carry on with their routine activities while undergoing treatment. The care and comfort of living with family along with family and individual counselling sessions offered during the treatment, creating a proper setting for the patients to overcome addiction.

Benefits of outpatient Rehab

  • The patient enrolling for California Outpatient Rehab treatment can carry on with their routine activities like attending school or work, while undergoing the treatment.
  • The patient undergoing outpatient program stays at home throughout the session. They are saved from undergoing the transition phase, which is faced by patients in Inpatient program.
  • Outpatient programs save the patients from being stigmatized. The outpatient programs are more discrete and provide privacy to the patients.
  • The costs of an outpatient treatment are much lower when compared to inpatient treatment plans.
  • The motivation and support received from loving family members and friends at home further motivates the patients to fight addiction and come out of it.

Disadvantages of Outpatient Rehab

  • The Outpatient Rehab is only suitable for patients with mild abuse or in the early stages of addiction.
  • The treatment is only suitable for patients with high determination to fight addiction. Since the patients are not supervised at home, there are higher chances of relapse.
  • The inpatient treatment offers a lot of facilities like round the clock medical supervision, intensive therapy session which are not available for outpatients.
  • While undergoing outpatient treatment, it is hard to fight the withdrawal symptoms during the first few weeks.
  • The patient is going back home every day and may have to face the same triggers that lead to substance abuse. They have to show great will power and restraint to prevent relapse.

Consider the pros and cons of California Outpatient Rehab before choosing as the preferred mode of treatment. The patient should be willing to face all the challenges and behave responsibly, for the outpatient treatment to be successful.