Austria To Help Promote Thailand’s Smart City Project

International schools in Thailand continue to grow at a rapid pace because parents are very committed to the education of their children. You will not be surprised to learn that a Bangkok international school just opened recently. Other existing international schools have expanded their facilities and campuses to accommodate more students.

Thailand and Austria have teamed up for the development of a Smart City initiative in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Both governments are engaging in discussions on future cooperation in EEC locations which is the priority of Thailand government to be able to upgrade the industrial sector.

The Austrian government wants to help Thailand in promoting the Smart City project in Rayong because Austria is also working towards a Smart City in Vienna. There are expectations for technology transfers in the future smart cities.

Under the EEC scheme, the government of Thailand has approved a land plot of 18,000 rai for the flagship project. In the past years, 30,000 rai has been set aside for the facilitation of investment in the country.

Meanwhile the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) has undertaken studies in the feasibility of developing 1,500 rai the smart park project that will serve 10 targeted industries that will include cars for the next generation, smart electronics, affluent, medical and wellness tourism, biotechnology and agriculture, food, industrial robotics, aviation and logistics, bio-chemicals and bio-fuels, digital and medical services.

IEAT will start construction in 2020 with a budget of 2 billion baht. Map Ta Phut in Rayong, a city in the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand will be housing the smart park. Rayong will be the first location for a high tech company in Thailand. Huawei Technologies Co. is also in talks with the Thailand government for a business expansion through the EEC Smart City project. Huawei has a digital lab in Bangkok and plans to open the second one at the smart city.

The demand for technology graduates is bound to increase with the creation of a Smart City in Rayong. Children must be given a fresh start through Bangkok international school that allows students to have more choices so that they can pursue their particular ambitions and interests.