Alzheimer’s Society Supported By Instantprint

Instantprint is a company that specializes in online printing. For this year’s Christmas campaign, both the company and the organization called Alzheimer’s Society, came together to gather funds. The Christmas campaign constitutes of beautifully designed holiday cards designed by Instantprint.

Instantprint started the Christmas campaign in the hope of leaving a mark with Alzheimer’s Society. The company made special efforts by assigning a special section in their online website for the charity wherein the customers will be able to order the dedicated Christmas cards. Customers can easily order the special card by simply going to the page, selecting the design that they prefer and then clicking on the online design tool which will make it possible for them to add the logo of the Alzheimer’s Society and imprint them on their cards.

For every holiday card that will be ordered through the website, Instantprint will give $5 to the charity group Alzheimer’s Society in order to give financial support to those who are suffering from dementia. Instantprint revealed how the chosen charity was very dear to them. In a statement made by the co-owner of the company, James Kinsella, he recognizes that those who are suffering from dementia will most likely have a terrible experience coupled with other associated symptoms. The community founded by Alzheimer’s Society made it possible for those individuals to be able to participate in the community they are in with the help provided to make their lives much better. Kinsella also shared how happy they are to support the community because of the various things it has done from research to training to support which are given to all affected in a national scope. The cards which the customers will be purchasing for their loved ones will benefit Alzheimer’s Society by the $5 donated by Instantprint for every card ordered. For people who are interested in joining in a fundraising, they can tweet using the hashtag #IPcharitycards and mentioning the charity closest to their hearts.