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Karen  Russel We welcome you to Nurse Business Crisis where we provide the latest business news and international news about the nursing profession and other related topics that you will find interesting and informative. Our mission is to provide information to our readers who want news about different business situations all over the world but with more focus on the life-saving and sacred profession of nursing.

Nurses portray a very important role in today’s life from being a nurturer, comforter and provider of the necessary care to patients confined in hospitals and clinics. Very often, people overlook the importance of the nursing profession that is why we have made an effort to put up this site so that there will be a source of information and knowledge regarding the nursing profession as well as the healthcare industry.

We at Nurse Business Crisis invite all our readers particularly nurses and members of the healthcare industry to participate and share their interesting and inspiring stories to the rest of our readers. We also invite you to join our community of bloggers and article writers who want to share their content with the rest of the world.

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Those who want to share their inspiring stories; you are most welcome to Nurse Business Crisis. Please share with us your name and email address so that we discuss the guidelines. We have our valuable sources of business news but we welcome other stories particularly those you have personally experienced. We also accept videos and photographs as long as they have not been previously published in other sites.

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