A Fiasco Remodeling Of A Bathroom

A bathroom is a standard part of a house or a building that people use. How a bathroom is designed and built is important to the goal of ease and comfortability. Sometimes, people even splurge on their bathrooms.

The Maratos family is an example of such a case. They wanted to remodel their home bathrooms into something luxurious. It was their dream project. This bathroom project, however, turned into a bad dream instead. They wanted a comfortable and lavish bathroom, what they got, however, is an ill-fitted one with one that has leaks, unstable sinks, and broken tiles and bricks. They blame the store that they bought it from and the bathroom fitters did the job.

Here’s how this ordeal came about. Dad Stephen Maratos decided to contract with Bathstore, a known national retail chain for the bathroom remodeling goods and fittings. He thought that by getting and paying for a superior service, it would give him and his family peace of mind. However, this is not to be the case at all.  The resulting bathroom that was done was a complete failure for the family. The problems encountered with the remodeling was raised to Bathstore and the contractor, however, the bathroom fitters got aggressive up to a point that threatening messages was sent to the family. Given these, they did not want the contractors back in their homes even after an offer was made for a refund. Bathstore did try to fix the problems but it wasn’t resolved which made the family lose their faith in the company.

Negotiations were done with Stephan wanting to return his deposit in return for replacing the walls and tiles and cancellation of the contract but Bathstore only wanted to refund the installation and the tiles. Taking this to court would be an answer but this can be avoided since there is a dispute resolution service that both Bathstore and the credit provider are signed up with so it might take a while before a ruling can be made. Without a ruling for this dispute, they remain in a checkmate where both parties think that they are right. Whatever the result though in the end wouldn’t matter, they are all losers in the end and Stephen learned that it’s better to have remodeling done with installers from personal choice.