A Feast of Indian Food for Global CEO’s

Indian cuisines vary significantly according to religious beliefs, cultural choices and traditions. However, as a result of cultural interaction with other societies, Indian cuisine continues to evolve. If you want to know India better, your best option it to taste the different varieties of food that it offers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes Indian cuisine very seriously and it obviously shows. The dinner table at the Waldorf Astoria in New York will become a feasting ground and a venue of $4 trillion business discussions among different global companies.

The global feast that would cover most of India’s unique and special offerings will be prepared by four-time starred Chef Vikas Khanna. It would be an organic 6 to 7 course meal for the evening feast. The chef has admitted that the magic that will be created for the global feast is influenced by his grandmother in Amritsar who taught him how to cook traditional Indian food.

Khanna was unavailable for comment but his representative Deepika Bansal said that Khanna is humbled and proud to be given the opportunity to cook for global CEO’s. The gastronomic sojourn is set to break the glass ceilings of investments because Prime Minister is serious about business. Modi believes that he will get some positive nods from the CEO’s of Ford, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, DuPont, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Boeing, Cargill, Starwood, PayPal and IBM after they have feasted on Indian food.

Modi will try to convince these top global CEO’s to make an investment in India so that he can push forward his agenda on Make in India. The idea behind this New York interaction with global CEO’s is to understand the policy initiatives that India has to undertake so that the country can be the global destination for investment. While on the gastronomical trip of specially prepared Indian food, Modi will discuss how to make India part of the global supply chain.

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