A Brief Insight Into The Technology Of Next Generation Packaging

The report of Future Market Insights has examined next generation global packaging market covering the period 2015 to 2025. The report’s objective is to provide updates on the advancements in packaging techniques that have given rise to the futuristic technology of next generation packaging.

Next generation packaging is actually a packaging technology that includes different advanced features like traceability and offers benefits that improve product shelf life extension and provides product quality information. The types of next generation packaging that includes active, intelligent and modified atmosphere packaging can ultimately add value to products because packaging quality will be enhanced.

Next generation active packaging includes antimicrobials, gas scavengers and others while intelligent packaging has sensors, indicators and lags. All the types of next generation packaging were included in the study to make it more comprehensive.

Next generation packaging market encompasses food and beverages, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, personal care, logistics and supply chain including industrial and the automotive industry. During the projected period, next generation packaging in the global market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.01% during the projected period of 2015 to 2025.

Next generation packaging is split into various sub-segments such as packaging types, applications and regions that are analyzed on the basis of point share (BPS) to be able to understand the individual segments’ relative contribution to market growth. A detailed level of information is very critical to identify various key trends in the next generation packaging market.

Another important feature is the analysis of key next generation packaging segments, sub-segments, regional adoption and revenue forecast in absolute dollars. In some cases, this is overlooked in the forecasting the market. Absolute dollar opportunities are seriously important in assessing the levels of opportunity that the provider can consider in order to identify potential sources from a sale and delivery perspective in the next generation packaging market.

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