4-H Camp Teaching Kids Through Team Building

4-H, an organization recognized all over the country, is known in providing essential lessons to kids when it comes to skills they will fund useful in the future. One of these skills is taught through team building activities and the kids of Cascade County were able to experience these through a yearly cam retreat. They were able to learn the importance of team work through the activities.

Looking at an outsider’s point of view, one might think that Camp Rotary which is close to Neihart is similar to a regular camp. This is far from what is actually happening inside as testified by the people who are inside especially the participating kids as they learn how to build relationships.

According to the camp leader, Ben Roth, the camp is one way for the kids to build relationships and this is something that is not usually taught in school. When it comes to the camp activities, they get to know more about team building skills, camaraderie as well as teamwork. They also learn how to express themselves more by going out of their usual element.

Participants who are enrolled in the 4-H program attend a yearly camp which lasts for a week. The best thing is that every year they are able to learn something new in terms of practical skills.

Junior director of 4-H, Ryan Banks, said that the program is growing at the same rate as the individuals that are participating. Through the camp, they improve themselves to become good leaders as well as improve in the things that they do such as getting better in photography. Those who are into shooting sports are also getting better in what they do either be a rifleman or an archer. It is important that they are not just improving as individuals but a community as a whole.

For this year’s team building activities, the kids are able to learn how to make custom 4-H shirts, shoot rifles as well as master archery. This is the kind of leadership they will be able to take to school or their job later in life.