2019 Toyota Avalon Equipped With Adaptive Suspension

According to Toyota, the 2019 Avalon was created to be an affordable version of premium vehicles. This is the reason why the suspension systems are better than before and it comes equipped with new features as well. It follows the platform of the TNGA K sedan which is not only rigid but with reduced weight at the same time to ensure that the suspension will function as expected and more.

The rear side of the vehicle was equipped with a suspension setup with multiple links therefore improving how the vehicle is handled and smoothing the ride. It is also the reason why the rear track of the 2019 Avalon is wider and the center of gravity is much lower. Along with the multi-link setup, the trailing arms have been updated together with the geometry of the rear suspension.

Of all the new features, the most notable is the latest adaptive suspension components which are a first in the said segment under Toyota. The system is called AVS or adaptive variable suspension. It makes use of damping control in real time with the help of solenoid valves which controls the movement of the wheel on its own covering every corner of the vehicle. Each end of the vehicle is embedded with G-force sensors to check the road’s character to determine if it is smooth, uneven or a combination.

The readings recorded by the sensor will help the system to communicate with the ECU of the vehicle which will then make the necessary changes to the solenoids which is intended to absorb shock. This setup makes the profile unique and the ride has more stability.

The solenoids are the ones responsible in limiting the shock absorber fluid therefore altering the dampening attributes. By nature, the dampers are varying with the control settings offering as much as 650 different single steps. The adjustments can be made once in every 20 milliseconds.

The bottom line is that drivers will be able to tell the various driving modes such as Sport, Sport+, Normal and Eco. Toyota is proud of their suspension systems that deliver a smoother and comfortable ride by limiting fluctuations.